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Completion of this online form is the first step towards joining our team at Cooley. We really want to get to know you and this form will give you every opportunity to tell us about your skills, experiences, personality, strengths and knowledge. A really good application form is a joy to read - we look forward to reading yours!

Cooley (UK) LLP recognises the benefits of a diverse workforce and is proud to be using the Rare Contextual Recruitment System (Rare CRS) (https://contextualrecruitment.co.uk/) for the 2017/18 recruitment cycle. The system and the data collected from applicants is designed to ensure that we have the information we require to assess every applicant’s merits, accurately and fairly, in the context of their educational and personal circumstances.

In certain sections of the application forms you can complete in the Cooley online system (in the address details, GCSE and A Levels sections and those sections clearly labelled Contextual Information 1 and Contextual Information 2) you will be asked to provide particular data which Cooley would like to share with Rare. That data includes your unique identification number, postcode, examination grades, education history and all the information in the sections Contextual Information 1 and 2. We share this information so that: (i) your application can be reviewed in the context of your socio-economic background (e.g. so we can consider whether you overachieved in light of your wider personal circumstances); and (ii) for Rare’s and our own research purposes. We will not share any other information including your name, phone number, postal or email address and date of birth. You will be given the choice to submit this data and should you decide not to there will be no detriment to your application.

The information supplied by you on this form, including that outlined in relation to the Rare CRS will be accessible only by HR, Legal Talent and authorised appointed personnel. The Rare CRS data will also be shared with Rare as outlined in the paragraph above. The Firm has a legitimate interest in publishing aggregate data on an anonymous basis on our website and may also provide data in aggregate form to third parties to support our ongoing commitment to equality and diversity. Third parties may include the Firm’s regulator and the Firm may have a regulatory requirement to publish aggregate data on an anonymous basis, as required by law. Therefore you should also be aware that this aggregate anonymous data may be transferred outside of the European Economic Area and to the United States (which has a different data protection regime to the United Kingdom). The transfer of this data to the United States is based on an agreement between the Firm and Cooley LLP which incorporates the European Union’s standard contractual clauses. The collection, analysis and publishing of this information will comply with the requirements of the Data Protection Act 1998 (as amended from time to time). If you wish to access, correct, suppress, delete or have your personal information transmitted elsewhere, or if you wish to request that the Firm ceases to use it, please contact the UK Legal Talent team. You can also file a complaint with the Information Commissioners’ Office regarding the Firm’s use of your personal information. You have the right to object to the processing of your personal information at any time.

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